Kiln Club President: Debra Vardon

Kiln Club Vice President: SEAT TO BE FILLED

Kiln Club Treasurer: Victoria Truhn

Membership Chair: Helene Vonnegut
Program Chair: Marsha Lederman
Program Committee: Terri Young, Donna Downing

Recording Secretary: Donna Downing

Newsletter Editor: Pam Eisenmann

Summer Sale Chair: Rachelle Stefanik

Kiln Club Website Manager: Victoria Truhn

Kiln Club Hospitality: Laura Fall

Scope Officers: Klaudia Levin, Thien Nguyen

Scope Treasurer: Suan Ying

Scope Monthly Treasurer: Lorraine Colson

Scope Publicity Chair: Shirley Gromen

Torpedo Factory Representative: Beverly Andrews

Torpedo Factory Web Site Liason: Trinka Roeckelein

Creative Craft Council Representative: Laura Fall


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